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        Execution - dare to take responsibility, complete the scheduled results on time and with high quality

        Learning - keep learning attitude and constantly improve yourself

        Team - unity of thought, formation of joint force, measure talent and use, pursuit of team success

        Management -strengthen the concept of overall situation and win-win thinking, pay attention to communication and investigation, and form methodology

        Planning - reasonable planning, rigorous and orderly, important things first, and doing important things in prime time

        Quality - careful design, attention to detail, accomplish it at the first time

        Ethics - integrity; observing, supervising and combating the act of damaging the interests of the company

        Dream - persevere and strive to realize the dream of sports medicine, not trapped by selfishness

        Objective - to help customers improve productivity and social quality

        Principles - stand on solid ground, seek truth from fact, make innovative, and decision based on data